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Temporary Labour Camp Shed Work at Bangalore

Various Types of Materials Used For Hut Making

A hut is a small dwelling, which may be constructed of various local materials. Huts are a type of vernacular architecture because they are built of readily available materials such as wood, snow, ice, stone, grass, palm leaves, branches, hides, fabric, or mud using techniques passed down through the generations.

The construction of a hut is generally less complex than that of a house durable, well-built dwelling, but more so than that of a shelter (place of refuge or safety) such as a tent and is used as temporary or seasonal shelter or as a permanent dwelling in some indigenous societies.

Huts exist in practically all nomadic cultures. Some huts are transportable and can stand most conditions of weather.

Traditional Types of Gudisalu

  • Bahay kubo – A traditional Filipino stilt house made of bamboo and palm fronds as roofing. They are designed to be lightweight so they can be moved from one place to another by being carried by group of men, a practice commonly called bayanihan.
  • Balok – A Siberian wilderness (Gudisalu) hut made of logs, usually communal, used by hunters, fishermen and travelers in the more distant parts of Siberia. Some baloks are mobile and mounted on sleds.
  • Barabara – An earth sheltered winter home of the Aleut people
  • Barracks – an old term for a temporary hut, now more used as a term for military housing and a unique hay storage structure called a hay barrack.

Modern Gudisalu work

  • A prefabricated school building built to cope with additional demand from the Education Act 1944
  • Prefabricated lightweight timber wall sections bolted together, externally clad with plasterboard and felt. Designed 1940 for barrack accommodation.
  • A prefabricated steel structure made from a semicircle of corrugated steel invented 1st quarter 20th century.
    • Jamesway hut – a variation of a Nissen hut
    • Romney hut – a variation of a Nissen hut
  • A Quonset hut – a type of Nissen hut of lightweight prefabricated structure of corrugated steel having a semicircular cross section
  • A prefabricated building generally used in schools for classrooms
  • Scout hut – Term given for the buildings used as the meeting place of members of The Scout Association world-wide.

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